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Should I pay for a marine survey during Ontario's frozen winter season?

Each year during Ontario's cold winter I have requests to survey boats. Unless the vessel is stored in a heated facility my survey season starts sometime in March, depending on weather and marina conditions. So what this means is, John Bond Marine Surveyor does not survey frozen boats.

I'm sure there are marine surveyors that survey during the winter. As long as they explain what your getting, and you understand and agree, it's your decision..

Below are comments from surveyors, fiberglass repair shops, and moisture meter manufacturers. There's probably more, but after you read the quotes below, I think you'll get the idea.

" Controlled tests have been conducted in the laboratory and the field on the reliability of moisture meters, which have shown the moisture meters are ineffective and not reliable in detecting or reading moisture content of wet frozen materials, including wood, fiberglass and foams."

"Further more, percussion soundings of frozen material will give false detection of wet or deteriorated cores. i.e.; a frozen saturated deck with core deterioration will give the same feedback as dry intact core material."

" In times of colder seasons, contrary to what some surveyors may claim, frozen laminates can not be conclusively reported on!"

" Moisture meters can not read frozen water. There is no benefit in even bringing your meter to a boat in the dead of winter. Along those same lines if a surveyor says he can survey a boat for you at 20 degrees F and get moisture readings walk away! Temps should be above freezing for a while, before even considering moisture readings."

" A professional marine surveyor will not inspect a boat if its shell is frozen. Rotten transoms in the winter do not move at all because the wet wood in the transom may be frozen solid like a rock and make the transom look great."

" If a marine survey is completed during winter months, sounds from a phenolic hammer can be deceiving, as the moisture in a yacht’s hull may be frozen."

" During the winter months when ambient temperatures are below freezing, any moisture contained in fiberglass structures freezes. Because the substance is frozen it becomes very hard rendering percussive sounding tests useless. "


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