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I received your survey report in excellent time. Thank you for a thorough survey and well written report.

Regards, Rick R

Hi John,
Thank you for your work today. Your competence and integrity were obvious.


John, I am very impressed with the work you have done for us. Thank you, the information was extremely thorough and informative.


Hi John,
Thanks for following up & calling me today. If any friends or acquaintances are looking for a good surveyor, I'll be sure to recommend you. See you on the water.


Hi John:
Well, my head is still spinning, however, it'll all come together hopefully. I'm glad I chose your skill set and knowledge base to do the survey today.

Cheers Don

Hi John,
Thanks for the survey, I received the report today. Meeting you was a pleasure and you were so nice to answer my questions!! That will help me a lot.

Jean-Francois (Brighton)

Hello John
I sincerely appreciate your assistance with the Marine Survey.


Thanks for your help. Will recommend you to others as a fair and honest surveyor.


I received the PDF copy of your survey report in excellent time. Thank you for a thorough survey and well written report.

Regards, Rick R

Hello John,
Thanks again for your help, it was invaluable, and your insight priceless.


John S

Thank you John very much for the fast response on this survey. It was great dealing with you.


Good morning John,
Thank you for a great survey. I will for sure recommend your service.

All the best, Gabriela

Thanks John,
What a scintillating read! Hope to start remedial works next week.

Cheers, Mike

Thanks  John
It was a pleasure working with you. I will definitively recommend you if a friend needs a survey done in Ontario.


Thank you!
I appreciate your excellent work. Cheers

Brad and Silvi

It was good to meet you and we realy appreciated your attention to detail and taking time to explain things along the way.

Barbara and John

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Comments about John Bond Accredited Marine Surveyor Ontario Canada

Hi John,

Wow!!!!!! I am so impressed by your work. I will highly recommend your services to any of my colleagues entertaining the purchase of a boat. You are truly a fair inspector and your report tells me exactly what needs to be done in order to improve the safety of my clients.

Thank you,
Take care, Réal.


Just want to thank you for the survey, the chats, and maybe this summer all being well we can meet in Brighton for a bite to eat and a beer.  I must tell you that you are well respected by the people I have met and dealt with, and I thank you for all your help and service.

Vern and Karen

Hi John,

Your attention to detail and very broad scope of knowledge and experience really helped take the mystery out of this particular boat buying experience. I'm glad that the survey did not really reveal any major roadblocks to continuing the purchase. Your thoroughness revealed a lot of minor things that should be dealt with in the form of preventative maintenance. It was great to be able to watch over your shoulder and be your helper as I learned a lot about the boat from this experience.

Thanks again, Darren

Hey John,

It was a fun and informative day. My intent was to get a second opinion on what I was getting into, since I am capable of fixing pretty well anything, but am not willing to get into major reconstruction issues. It is, after all, supposed to be fun. I appreciated that you spent time evaluating my capability, and was candid about what I must do, what was optional. You provided advice and tips about anything I asked him, and have proven to be an exceptional source of critical information.

Yes, it's an old boat, but after hiring you, it became an old boat with defined requirements, with fewer unknowns and risks. I bought the boat with a confirmation of my suspicions, and a clearer understanding of the scope of the project, so I won't be sinking money and effort into a lost cause. Therefore, the conclusion is, that if you want to know what the knowable issues of a boat are, and the risks of what cannot be conclusively proven, John Bond is the surveyor to hire.

Thanks John!

John, thanks

As well, I wanted to thank you for your work today. You did a really professional and thorough job. In addition, your advice and recommendations really helped me better understand the boat, its strengths and its weaknesses. Your work has given me the information and knowledge I need to make an informed decision- and I appreciated your expertise and knowledge.

Best regards Tim

Hey John

I've received the survey. Thank you for everything John. I really appreciate it. You have been amazing throughout this entire process.

Regards, Tony

Hello John,

I told the broker that I was very happy with your work as I felt you were fair and tempered with your remarks and professional opinion. I have learned that boat broker surveyors are not who you would necessarily want to use in situations like these as there is just too much relationship involved.

It would be a full time job sucking up to these guys, good for you not doing that.


Hello John,

I can not over emphasize the important role you played in the purchase of my last boat! After my previous mistake of buying a boat without having it surveyed first (i.e., by a real marine surveyor who pulls no punches and represents me, the buyer), I promised myself I would never again trust my own assessment of a boat's condition, or a seller's assessment no matter how honest. Neither would I accept a survey provided by a seller or broker; they are possibly skewed, in the seller's favor, and not all surveys are equally meticulous. I felt I needed the most accurate, and detailed marine survey I could afford. I had to know the weaknesses of the boat I would be buying and if I could trust it to keep my family safe! Suffice it say, my previous boat exacerbated my fears.

Now, six months later, it is early summer, our beautiful boat is repaired, and she has a new home. Already, my family and I have had her out in fairly choppy seas. Thank you John, she is sweet and she is safe! I am extremely happy I hired you , and grateful to you for doing your job very well!

Gerald P. H. Ballough, Ph.D.
Palopoli Endowed, Professor of Biology

Hello John
I would not hesitate to recommend your services to potential clients.  You are professional, knowledgeable, efficient, well-equipped, and a fine communicator. Rose and I enjoyed meeting you, and enjoyed your company during the survey.

Highest regards, Greg

Just wanted to let you know that the Marina has agreed to do the fixes that the survey brought to light (port drive play, cracked thru hull, gel coat repairs, mattress replacement). I was telling my friends about the survey results and they were impressed to hear that a marine surveyor caught an engine issue like the port drive play. If that boat had gone in for a water test, even with a mechanic checking the engines, I doubt it would have been caught.

Thanks again, Steve

Hello John,
Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for the survey and information about the Sceptre 41 I was considering purchasing. I have to compliment you on the content and presentation. It's exactly what a purchaser wants in a pre-purchase survey. Now I know exactly what I'm buying. Very thorough. You also identified two serious problems that are being corrected BEFORE the purchase is finalized. That will save me a bundle. No doubt the seller wasn't too happy, but I suspect that if he was purchasing a new boat, he would hire you for the pre-purchase survey. Not only that, the insurance company accepted it without question. Thanks.

Bob D. New owner of a 1982 Sceptre 41 Sloop

Bob D. flew John Bond Marine Surveyor to the west coast to survey the 41 Sceptre. Did it pay to fly me out there? Yes!

Hello John,
I wanted to thank you for the efficiency with which you conducted the survey as well as for the quality of the report. I felt well equipped to deal with the seller of the boat, despite doing so from a distance. Thanks again for your help. I won't hesitate to contact you again.

Tony from Alberta

The information you gave me about sea trials is really good. Thanks for going the extra mile. You have been really helpful and I thank you for this. It speaks to your commitment to your clients. I aspire to the same lofty goals and take pride in growing my company on these principles. Take care, and again, thank you. Count me as a friend if you ever need anything.

Brian G. New owner of a Cruisers 3370 (Oakville)

I got your survey in the mail today. I will be eternally grateful to you for the succinct, lucid, and detailed account of the vessel I was to make my home. I was going to save the cost of a survey, forgo a survey, and I even came with a bank draft in my hand to buy... oh, it is embarrassing to be this old and this naive. The cost of your survey saved me savings I had struggled for and gleaned over eleven years in hopes of making a life of offshore cruising. The survey revealed that this particular vessel was insufficient to my needs. You see with an expert surveyor's eye; more importantly you have integrity which makes you a great human being and I respect you greatly. I learned a valuable lesson: it is a vital and integral part of a vessel's purchase to get a survey. I will hold your survey as my standard for any future surveys I may require in future if indeed I cannot again call on your fine services. Thank you more than I can express, John.

Katina USA. (Came to Ontario to buy a boat)

Got the survey report. Excellent presentation and comprehensive in content. I found your work superb and extremely helpful in ascertaining value and decisions with upgrades/repairs. Superb service. Many thanks.

Ron B. Happy new owner of a Trojan Seabreeze (Ottawa)

Hi John,
Thanks, I know I picked the best surveyor to do my survey! What ever way the survey comes out I think I got what I paid for and more! Just want to say thanks and I was so very happy with the way you looked at the boat. I now know when I get the survey it will be from some one who knew rather than someone who looked and said ya it's a boat. Thank you so very much for the time you spent surveying in the cold.

Wayne and Debbie (Hamilton, Ontario)

An initial skim of the survey gives me great satisfaction to know you went over the boat so thoroughly. Thank you for your help on this. I really appreciate your time and dedication to what you do. Look forward to working with you again and may call you regarding a sailboat.

Thanks again, Jim

Thanks for all of your time yesterday John. I learned a great deal from watching you and being your " apprentice ". After a few calls and some educated opinions, we have decided that the transom/stringer work that needs to be done is not worth it, as much as we like the boat overall. Without the survey, we would not have hesitated to buy that boat given the condition it appeared to be in. You certainly saved us a bundle in future headaches and money!


We have had numerous surveys done by John Bond, all of which meet or exceed insurer's needs. Insurer's who were provided with his reports, have been more than pleased at the quality of the survey. He is very aware of what is required, very savvy as to marine industry requirements and his professionalism helps guide his clients to always "do the right thing". His input and knowledge is invaluable, especially when providing information updates to his clientele. We were very lucky to find John as he is an extremely valuable asset to everybody involved.
The CG&B Group Inc. Marine Insurance

Dear John
Many thanks for your very thorough survey of my boat. As principal owner of this vessel, I appreciate your candid survey.

Cheers Madeleine

Hello John;
Many thanks for the prompt report, greatly appreciated. I was truly impressed with your survey, as is Olga, very detailed and thorough. Your attention to this matter really made our purchase easier and more comforting as we completed the deal. You will be very highly recommended.


Thank you for your concise and expedient survey. We thank you for your time and expertise. Your comments on the day were very welcome.

Best wishes Sandy

Thank you for the wonderful job you did on our survey. Our sincere thanks and appreciation.

Sandy and Bill from the USA

Hi John;
Thanks for the prompt completion of the survey and excellent service.




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